Monday, 25 November 2013

My passion for knitting has grown this year. I always go threw fads with my crafting. But knitting is the craft I've been doing the longest. I started as a small girl watching my mam as she knit matching jumpers for me and my sister. I did small things like skirts, scarfs ect for my dolls and barbies. It wasn't till I was expecting my first child 18 years ago I wanted to do something for my baby. I knit 2 lovely blankets just plain old knit without a pattern and my mam did the borders. Then after that my knitting lay dormant for 8 years when I was expecting my daughter. That's when I really got into it. I knit the classic 48 square baby leaf blanket pluss one for my baby nephew I also perfected how to do baby cardies  and basic hats. After my daughter was born I then started knitting for her dolls. When I was expecting my youngest son I did more cardigans  as well as things for other baby's. He is now 3 and a half but a year ago my love for knitted soft toys came along after I did a little Santa. In the last year I've knit a large range of toys hats headbands tea cosys and other random things. I now have the ability to copy pictures and adapt my own patterns. My best one so far without a pattern is a parrot I did sully from the never land pirates for my little boy for Christmas. So I'm gona upload some of my creations and maybe share a few patterns when I get round to righting  them down. I get a lot of inspiration from the knitters and natters Facebook group and a lot of my ideas and patterns from I also read and subscribe to the lets knit mag it's always full of great patterns.