Sunday, 10 June 2012

 this is actually a pic of my friends bum, he had his eyes tattooed on his bum a few years ago. maybe a moment of madness who knows. but the saying you have to have eyes in your backside runs true with him lol. he turned 30 yesterday so i made him this humour card with the image of his tattooed bum on it. haha
 this card i made for my son who turns 16 on the 13th june. its from his brother and sister.
this is my card to my son, hes into extream sports and actually rides a custom made stunt bmx.
this months craft challenge x

omg its been almost a month sine my last blog. so busy with differnt things going on, im going to upload some cards ive made for friends and family soon. wasnt the dimond jubalee fab ? queen lizzy is marvolous for her age , shes a hard working lady. i do however think she and philip need to start cutting back on there duties and rest.   x