Monday, 20 June 2011

is planning on doing some crafting this weekend. got some a.t.c's to make for the geordieland meet up. and a few other projects to finish. its hard when you have a very active 13month old boy who's little fingers are into everything. if he sees my craft desk he heads straight for the ribbons, then pulls all my folders out and i end up tidying up rather than crafting. nap times for robbie means craft time for me lol. i love it when my 6year old daughter posts little hand drawn cards under my bedroom door with beautiful pictures and notes inside them. priceless works of art. i hope robbie also likes crafting when hes a bit older.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Crafting has always been apart of my life, ive always been interested in arts & crafts. ive done everything from knitting, glass painting, silk painting, clay, embroidery, cross stitch, parchment, paper crafts, encaustic art, shadow boxes, scrap booking and much more. i remember as a child i would knit or stitch clothes for my barbie dolls and also make the furniture or her house. i have gained G.C.S.E in art ( painting and drawing) textiles, design and technology and went to collage to study interor design. i see a potential project in everything. from buttons i find to odd earrings they will all come in handy one day for something or another. i like to obtain craft stash from recycling like cutting off buttons and hanging ribbons on olds tops. using foil trays from take aways ect. im a hoarder at heart not just craft wise lol. i enjoy A.t.c's and have swapped over 1000 with fellow crafters. i also like making cards but i like making 3d ones as the standard cards get a bit boring. ive had a go at all techniques and enjoy them all. i dont have a favorite. i like all colours but purple is my favourite. my daughter millie who is 6 also loves crafting. she has also swapped atc's and is always making cards for her friends, teachers and family just to show how much she cares . im currently learning her to knit and shes got the hang of it its just getting her used to needle control. ( we have a lot of dropped stitches lol) the only craft i cant get my head around is crochet, i would love to be able to do it but its just not working for me. hope you have enjoyed looking and reading my blog, thank you and please call again to see updated projects.